Employee Of the Year

General Manager Wendy Clark-Getzin, PE, announced the selection of Operations Supervisor Linda Bell as the recipient of the 2015 “Employee of the Year” award during the Clallam Transit System’s annual awards ceremony on March 13 in Sequim. The ceremony which included a dinner buffet was held at the Sunland Golf and Country Club Event Center. Ninety-five employees, Board members, and guests attended the event. In announcing the winner, Clark-Getzin said Linda Bell has a dedicated career as a transit professional always determined to be on the front lines of the public responding remarkably to the challenges, providing the best service possible to Clallam Transit System riders. She noted “Linda is not afraid to naturally stretch boundaries and challenge the status quo in order to explore new ideas and concepts, make work more fun, and get the job done more efficiently and effectively while building a stronger transit team.” Linda has not only brought out the best in herself, she has the commitment to explore and discover the best in CTS’s ability to provide the public transit service described in the system’s mission, vision, and goals and to meet the demands of the agency’s future.

Employee of the Quarter

First Quarter 2017

Transit Operator, Jeff Dixon

Jeff was recognized specifically for his willingness to assist his fellow operators whenever they need assistance. Additionally, his efforts toward presenting Clallam Transit in a positive light to the public during “Kids Fest” in Port Angeles were greatly appreciated.Congratulations Jeff!



Fourth Quarter 2016

Transit Operator, Gordon Bowchop

Gordon is specifically recognized in consideration for his overall attendance record, quality of work, positive attitude and overall contribution to the system's mission and goals. Congratulations Gordon!


Third Quarter 2016

Transit Operator, Joe Hooker

Joe is specifically recognized for the fact that during the third quarter, he was willing to help wherever he was needed and worked whatever hours or schedules were required in order to keep fixed-route service running without interruption for CTS passengers. Congratulations Joe!


Second Quarter 2016

Transit Operator, Jamie Elmore

Jamie is specifically recognized for his ability to consistently maintain a positive attitude and his willingness to work. He is always punctual and reliable, which exemplifies what CTS stands for. Congratulations Jamie!  



Special Awards

Clallam Transit System Executive Office Manager and Clerk to the Board Mary E. Bower, CMC, receives WMCA 2016 President's Award of Distinction. Click here for full press release. 

Transit Operator David Larrabee places in the top 10 in International Bus Rodeo. Click here for more info